(1)Which of these investments would you feel more comfortable owning?
(2)Is your future financial goal
(3)What is your primary financial goal?
(4)Which of the following investment returns would most appeal to you if you were to invest an initial amount of Rs 20 000 for one year?
(5)Please select the statement most applicable to you:
(6)Please select the statement most applicable to you:
(7)I am prepared to accept short-term losses if I believe the long-term returns will be good.
(8)I would quit my job and start my own business if the right opportunity arose.
(9)I expect my investment earnings to increase in line with inflation over the next 5 years.
(10)I have sufficient funds set aside to cover most emergencies.

Thank you!

We can see that you have put in effort to plan your finances. But at the same time there certain areas that have been completely ignored. A correct direction along with proper risk profiling and asset allocation is what you might need. We will soon send you