Fund Raising

In the past, we have with SMEs, MNCs, start-ups, corporate and have a successful track record of delivering good revenue growth and significant profit margins.

Why FinOptic for Fundraising?

  1. Understanding of Market Scenario:

We understand the market scenario and hence 9 out of every 10 company we assist are successful in endeavor. Our fund-raising audits assist the clients recognize opportunities and make informed decisions.

Audit Advisory:

Why Audit Advisory with FinOptic?

  • Audit advisory team works at companies of any size, public or private so as to assist them with their internal audit activities.
  • It assists clients identify their fraud risks and apply solutions to manage these risks in a better manner.
  • All the procedures followed by FinOptic are ethical by nature & law and in accordance with the international auditing standards.
  • We work in an ethical manner and hence all our clients follow the same principles. “Adhering to the Legal procedure may not profitable in the start but in the end, it is always fruitful” is the principle we strongly believe in.
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